Poster by: Karl Spurzem

Poster by: Karl Spurzem

Melania's Day Off is an hour long solo comedic cabaret variety show performed and created by comedian Ali Levin. Featuring Paolo C Perez as Melania's sidekick and pianist.

Melania Trump just wants to be part of your world.

Who is the real Melania Trump? Why is she really here? Why do you really care? You’re invited into the bizarre yet heartfelt interior world of Melania Trump as she tries to connect through singing, dancing, slideshow poetry and “Mel-On-The-Street-Style videos. A First Lady Cabaret Show like you’ve never experienced…It’s Melania’s Day Off! Experience a glimpse into the strange world of the mysterious first lady as she frights, delights, and opens our hearts leaving us even more confused.

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“Ali Levin gives the First Lady some much-needed razzle dazzle at this wild cabaret variety show. She'll go all out with songs, videos and sketches to sympathize with the Oval Office's most misunderstood character. Come for the White House shade, stay for Levin's go-for-broke performance.”

Time Out New York (Crictic’s Pick!)

“Ali Levin is the next great comedienne of our time - don’t miss her! "

Jessica Redish, Award-Winning Director/Choreographer

“This show was awesome! Funny, smart, and even moving.”

Ethan Herschenfeld, Actor/Comedian

“Ali, I loved the show!!! We all loved the show. The audience loved the show!! You are so funny. You have a great voice. You didn't miss a beat. Even Michael Cohen is funny.”

Paulette Osborne, Actor/Activist

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Photo by: Jonathan J. Loncle

Photo by: Jonathan J. Loncle